Tools for Transformation by Dr. Carol Head


Tools for Transformation will give you tools that you can use to help transform your life into a one that is led by your soul and heart rather than your ego and mind. Tools such as letting go, opening the heart, being present and tapping into source energy will enhance your ability to live a soulful life.’


This book continues on from my first book, Holistic Medicine – Beyond the Physical, to outline in various ways how we might live a more holistic life and transform ourselves into the person we are meant to be. Much of this book is about paying better attention to ourselves – to our emotions, thoughts, intuition, passions and to signs and synchronicities. It is also about paying better attention to the process of our lives – to both the joyous times and the hard times and to reflect upon what is happening in our lives as a means to better understand ourselves.

Life is about transforming into our authentic selves, allowing our soul to shine through our body and mind (our physical self) by channeling spirit. In this way we become whole. This is not easy to do full-time; we catch glimpses of it when we get in flow. When we are in flow we are creative and joyful; everything comes easily to us and it is as if we are living the life we are meant to live. Of course this is how it should be. We live the life we are meant to live when we operate from a place of soul, open our hearts and allow spirit to move through us. This is not necessarily a religious experience of spirit, for most of us who don’t identify with a religion allowing spirit to move through us is about being in tune with the universe and allowing source energy to flow. If you are religious this might be experiencing the Holy Spirit move through you. To others it might mean your chakras are aligned and the prana or qi is flowing. Whatever way we phrase it, it is simply living from a place of soul and opening ourselves up to be in flow with the rest of the universe.’


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