Holistic Medicine – Beyond the Physical by Dr. Carol Head


‘This book is about a different way of viewing the world. It is not about following a number of steps to reach a goal. It is about viewing life as an unfolding process and about learning how we might better become part of that process, so instead of resisting the process of life we learn how to live with it.

READER REVIEW by Dave Douglas:

I have read Holistic Medicine – Beyond the Physical by Dr Carol Head three times now and have been so impressed with the book I thought I would submit a review. Dr Head starts off by making no assumptions about what you may or may not know about holistic medicine, self-healing or spirituality. She makes no assumptions about your religious or spiritual belief. She is interested in helping readers to gain an empowering insight into how each of us are composed of different parts both physical and non-physical and how our wellness is up to each of us. In doing this Dr Head also explains illness or dis-ease, as she writes, reinforcing just how important it is for us to achieve balance in all our parts and to listen to what our lives and our bodies are telling us. Using language that is easy to understand but with great human insight Dr Head explains very complex concepts so that it is very easy to get your head around the processes of illness and wellness. One of the best books on self-development I have read. Thank you Dr Head.”

READER REVIEW on Goodreads by Jackie:

“There are a lot of ideas presented on the left-brain process of rational thinking and the right brain’s intuitive thinking process and the effects on the physical body in this book. Linear and non-linear thinking is explained in easy terms. How to bring the physical and spiritual aspects into harmony to lead a fuller life is explored. Read this book if you have a curiosity about to live a more balanced life.”


In Holistic Medicine Dr Carol Head looks beyond the physical realms to explain how both spiritual and physical aspects make up the whole person. She explains in easy to understand language how the parts of each person influence the way their life unfolds and the illnesses they experience. Learn how our thinking and emotions affect our health and wellbeing. Discover how our physical symptoms can have a deeper meaning. Explore how our intuition can help us solve our problems. Understand how the process of chaos in our lives can be approached in healthier ways. Learn what holistic medicine is and discover how knowledge of holism can transform the way you look at life and illness.



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