I’ve been a General Practitioner for over thirty years and have worked in a variety of practices – rural and suburban, traditional and alternative. My passion for writing has developed over this time and I now work as a locum GP in Aboriginal health to enable me to spend more time writing. Having worked extensively with many patients, I have learnt a lot about how people can heal; healing is a natural process and if we pay attention we can enhance this process. In 2015, I published my first book called:


Holistic Medicine: Beyond the Physical

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In Holistic Medicine Dr Carol Head looks beyond the physical realms to explain how both spiritual and physical aspects make up the whole person. She explains in easy to understand language how the parts of each person influence the way their life unfolds and the illnesses they experience. Learn how our thinking and emotions affect our health and wellbeing. Discover how our physical symptoms can have a deeper meaning. Explore how our intuition can help us solve our problems. Understand how the process of chaos in our lives can be approached in healthier ways. Learn what holistic medicine is and discover how knowledge of holism can transform the way you look at life and illness.



I wrote this after one of my best friends died quite suddenly. Her death transformed my life from one where my head and ego ruled to a more soulful existence. I realized that the way I had been living had come about through living in a certain culture that worshipped logic and ego. I began to notice that if I paid more attention to my feelings, my thinking, my passions and my intuition, that life became easier and more joyful. So Holistic Medicine is about living from a more soul centred place and following the process of our lives in order to be the whole person we are meant to be.

I am currently working on two books. The first is going to be published as a free ebook early in 2020 and is called: Tools for Transformation. It will give you tools that you can use to help transform your life into a life dictated by your soul and heart rather than your ego and mind. Tools such as letting go, opening the heart, being present and tapping into source energy will enhance your ability to live a soulful life.

The second book is currently called Holistic Healing and is written specifically for people trying to heal themselves from a disease or illness. It outlines the most useful ways to enhance our body’s own natural healing abilities and will give people proven strategies that boost this natural process. I hope to publish this book in 2020. I am committed to and passionate about helping people learn how to heal themselves and I believe my writing is a way to bring this information to people.

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