My book in progress is on Transformation. It is about how we might transform and change ourselves. I started it after publishing my first book – Holistic Medicine – which as well as describing the parts of the human system explains how the processes of life cause us to change and transform. I was hoping that change and transformation could become more of a conscious process.

Most of us hope to grow and change over time; to become better versions of ourselves. For me this is about becoming more aligned with my inner or higher self; the self that is connected to source or god or all that is. When I operate primarily from ego I am out of touch with my inner self. Chaos and the process of my life helps me reconnect with my inner self and the source of all that is. Maybe it is possible and preferable to do this without waiting for chaos. Maybe we can choose to transform consciously all the time. To become more aligned with our higher self, to become authentic, to be the person we are meant to be.

I began this book like my first, with no real idea what I was going to write or how it would turn out. Part of the process is learning how to transform consciously and writing about that.