Tools – Reflection and contemplation

Reflection and contemplation


Reflection is part of holistic medicine because it helps us look at our lives in a way that helps us work out what is happening. Sometimes when we are ill or in psychological distress or our lives are in chaos we get so tied up in knots that we can’t even think straight. Giving ourselves time to sit back, take deep breaths and reflect on our lives is enormously important. We can contemplate what is going on in our lives in a way that looks at the deeper meanings and what lies beyond.

But reflecting can be hard because ultimately it makes us take responsibility for our own lives. When we are under stress we often look for external things or people to blame. When we take time to reflect on what is happening we always bring it back to ourselves. What is my part in this? What lessons do I have to learn from this experience? What can I do to make a difference to the situation?

Reflection and contemplation are about looking at the situation and finding some meaning in it. We might reflect upon our illness and look at the possible reasons why it has happened and the changes we might make to address the root causes. We might reflect upon a work situation that is causing us stress and think about our part in the process and how we might change that to bring about healing. Or we might reflect upon a situation that is causing us emotional turmoil and decide we are being asked to leave the situation or relationship.

Reflection and contemplation do not always have immediate answers. It is a process that involves both the left and right sides of the brain. We look at things in a logical way and an intuitive way. We break it down and we look at the whole picture simultaneously. We stop trying to blame someone or something for our problems and look inside for our answers. It is the same as looking to source energy for answers but source energy is a part of our inner being so we can access it by looking inside.

Sometimes no matter how much we reflect on something it may not make sense to us. We may not be able to get to the root cause or find a lesson or make sense of it in any logical way. This usually means we need to find a way to accept it and move on. Often understanding will come later. We will suddenly see why an event occurred or an illness happened. But sometimes things remain a mystery and we never really understand them.

Reflection is a great tool for understanding events in our lives and then changing something, it is these changes that bring us to wholeness and authenticity. We find it hard to change unless we have a reason to do so and reflection brings us reasons and new ideas.


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