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Energetic treatments – acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology etc


There are numerous examples of therapies that use the energetic system that is part of the human body to either diagnose or treat a person. I am currently studying Chinese medicine and they use the concept of Qi to encompass the energy that ultimately fuels the body and is responsible for its regulation. Other healing systems talk about energy in terms of prana, Ki, life force energy or Chakras but all eastern based healing systems acknowledge that the human body has its own energy system. This system cannot be seen on an anatomic level although magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is now discovering more about the possible energy channels and the effects of energetic therapies. Modern medicine doesn’t really take advantage of the energy system in its treatments but there are plenty of complementary practitioners who treat at the level of the energy system.

While the science is lagging behind the practice we can all identify with energy as something that affects us daily. Physics now tells us that everything is basically energy but biological sciences are taking a while to catch up to this idea. We can however use energetic therapies to help us heal and regain our balance.

I practice acupuncture, which relies upon energy channels or meridians that run within our body. There are specific points located upon these meridians that have specific effects when needled or lasered. Stimulating the points gets the Qi flowing and helps balance our energy which is after all the basis upon which our bodies function. Acupuncture therapy is quite complicated and based upon many years of Chinese Medicine practice. It has been shown to work in scientific trials and many people attest to its usefulness.

Reiki originated in Japan and involves laying on of hands to influence the energy that is seen as the life force. It is said to enhance the body’s natural healing ability and bring balance to the person.

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that recognizes the energy system of the body and uses this system to both diagnose and treat imbalances.

There are many other types of energy healing such as reflexology, chakra balancing, aura balancing, crystal healing, flower essence healing, colour and spiritual healing. All rely upon balancing the body’s own energy system to bring about healing on all levels of the body.

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