Tools – Connecting with Nature

Connecting with nature

Connecting with nature may be the most important part of holistic medicine; we are after all a part of something much bigger. Many of us lead lives completely disconnected from the natural world and this can severely affect our health.

There are many ways to connect with the natural world and the first is tuning into the natural cycles. Tuning into the day night cycle, the weekly cycle, the lunar cycles, the seasonal cycles, the birth and death cycles – these are all important.

Many of us forget that we should be asleep when it is dark and therefore we disrupt our normal circadian rhythms. Sleep disturbance is an important health issue and getting sleep right is vital for our wellbeing. Going to bed when it gets dark and getting up when it gets light is a great way to live more naturally.

It’s also great to pay attention to the lunar cycles; some people use moon calendars to plan things like planting and harvesting, or even cutting hair and nails.

Our diet changes with the seasons; eating seasonal food rather than imported out of season fruit and vegetables is a good way to keep our bodies in the natural cycle. Paying attention to our different health needs as the seasons change is important. And marking events like solstices and equinoxes is a lovely way to pay better attention to the natural cycles.

As well as paying attention to nature’s cycles we also need to spend time connecting with nature. Walking in the natural world is a great way to connect and also to ground yourself, especially if you can go barefoot. Swimming in the sea or lakes, sitting on the grass, hugging a tree and soaking in a beautiful scene or sunset are all food for the soul.

I love gardening and it really brings you into contact with both cycles of time and cycles of growth. Watching plants grow and flourish is a wonderful thing. Even if you have no garden space, indoor plants are great for our health. They bring nature inside and help clean the air.

Having pets is another way we relate to the natural world and the companionship they bring to our lives is a special connection.

There are many ways to connect with the natural world and particularly if we are unwell part of our healing is improving our connection to nature.


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