Phillip Island Health

“Bridging the gap in Healthcare on Phillip Island”

Nurse Practitioner Mel Rose and Dr. Carol Head, General Practitioner

Dr Carol Head (General Practitioner) and Mel Rose (Nurse Practitioner) are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to fill the gap in health care on Phillip Island. Our holistic medical practice, Phillip Island Health, opened on May 6th.

We are located at Phillip Island Sport and Rehab at 207 Settlement road, Cowes.

We provide general medical care and our provision will expand over time. Our services will include home visits once the immediate threat of the Coronavirus pandemic eases, bringing back the old style house calls. We also provide face-to-face consultations and Telehealth.

Our special interests include chronic disease management, wound management and preventive health strategies. Dr Carol Head will also provide her laser acupuncture service. We won’t be providing care for emergencies or acute illness/injuries.

Meet Carol Head, General Practitioner

Hi, I’m Carol. I’ve lived on Phillip Island for about five years but since childhood have always come here for holidays. For a long time the family had a holiday house at Summerland Estate until the Government bought it back in 2010. That was such a rare and wonderful place to spend holidays as a child, then with my own children. I love the life on the island and the easy access to so many great beaches; my favorite is still Summerland beach with its long stretch of golden sand and its good swimming.

When I’m not working I like to write books and I read a lot. I love walking the beaches, particularly Cape Woolamai, and swimming when the weather is good. My garden is full of veggies and now I have chooks again. I have three wonderful daughters who grew up in Ross Creek near Ballarat where we had acres and an alpaca farm. They love coming to the island and surfing or swimming.

I’ve been a GP for over thirty years and have worked in many different places. I seem to like change! I’ve worked as a GP in San Remo and at Safflower Chinese Medicine Clinic in Newhaven. Prior to coming back to Cowes, I was doing locum work in remote and regional Aboriginal communities.

I have a particular interest in Holistic medicine, which takes into account body, mind, spirit and soul. I like to spend time with patients to try to get to the core of their issues where I can. I am passionate about helping people to heal themselves. I use laser acupuncture and am interested in herbal medicine but can work within the conventional medical framework as well. I look forward to serving the community with Mel Rose at Phillip Island Health.

Meet Melanie Rose, Nurse Practitioner

Hi, I’m Mel. I originally emigrated from South Africa with my family 25 years ago. I started working in hospital wards from the age of 18. So, I have been working in the industry on and off over the last 30 years.

Phillip Island has been my home this last decade. I have three children of my own and an extra child that I managed to acquire along the way. They have all attended school locally and we cherish our island lifestyle. My household is always bustling; filled with dogs, cats, kids and a duck. I am very lucky, as I have not only had my children’s support throughout my extensive studies, but also the support of my colleagues, teammates and friends. Living by the water for me, has become a necessity to my days. I surf ‘in the white-water waves’, enjoy swimming and love to kayak. I am also a closet artist with a studio in my backyard. I tend to work in a variety of mediums including; clay, metal, plastic and glass.

My wider community involvement ranges from climbing Kilimanjaro in support of Dementia Australia to kayaking the Murray River Marathon to supporting the local clubs my children have been involved in. Primarily, my goal is to now give back, using my qualifications and skills, and provide health support within our community.

As a Nurse Practitioner I can assess people, order tests, write referrals and sick certificates, diagnose and prescribe independently and bulk bill under Medicare. My focus is on primary health care, particularly in older patients, complex wound care and chronic disease management. I believe in a holistic approach to health management, treatment, care and prevention and by spending time with patients and listening to what they need, I believe I can assist them in achieving better long-term health outcomes.

Phillip Island Health Services

Melanie is providing face-to-face and Telehealth consultations. She is available Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm and Saturday mornings.

Dr. Carol is providing Telehealth consultations via video conferencing or telephone and some face-to-face consultations.  She is available Monday afternoon and Tuesday and Thursday mornings plus when the Covid-19 restrictions ease, she will be doing house calls. In June, Dr. Carol will begin regular laser acupuncture sessions..

With the threat of Coronavirus still a concern we are very aware of the need to keep face-to-face consultations safe for everyone involved. Patients will be required to wait in their cars to be seen at the clinic and will be temperature screened prior to the consultation. If patients are febrile or have symptoms of Covid19 (sore throat, cough, aches and pains), they should go to the Cowes HUB for testing.

Face to face and tele-health services will be bulk-billed for everyone at this stage.

For house calls there will be a $30 out of pocket fee. The full fee will be payable at the time of consultation with Medicare rebates available. Pensioners will be bulk billed.

We are both very excited to provide this service to our community.

Online bookings are available via Hotdoc and our practice website: