Meaning of symptoms – E


Ear infection – Not wanting to hear something that you or someone else is telling you, impatient with new information.

Ear wax –
Not wanting to hear about new ideas or changes.


Eczema – (see dermatitis also) May be food sensitivities, suppressing feelings such as anger, something may be aggravating you, not comfortable in own skin in some way.


Emphysema – May be related to issues of unresolved grief and sadness, difficulty being yourself, doing things as others want them to be done rather than as you would like, feeling like a victim.


Endometriosis – Difficulty expressing feminine power and creativity, desire to understand yourself better and to grow spiritually, sometimes anxiety around having children and losing independence.


Epilepsy – Difficulty accepting self and becoming independent, problems with suppressed emotions especially anger, not flourishing and growing into your true self.


Eye problems – Can be related to your views about life, not wanting to see certain things. Astigmatism may be related to having a different view of life to what is accepted as reality, seeing things in a different way. Cataract may be related to not seeing things clearly, especially the future. Long sightedness may be related to being disappointed about past events and difficulties dealing with the present stage of life. Nearsightedness may be about worrying too much about the future, not living in the present. Watery eyes may be related to not speaking up about something.


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