Meaning of symptoms – D


Dandruff – Too many responsibilities, trying to please other people, excess stress. 

Deafness – Not listening to others or yourself, not wanting to hear what is being said to you, thoughts that what you have to say is not important.

Dementia – Multifactorial, fear of losing control, fear of being dependent, suppressed emotional life, long standing control of emotions, withdrawal from active life and having had enough. 

Depression – Complex, but often the person has lost connection with their spiritual side, a dark night of the soul, unresolved issues in the past, loss of passion and joy, lack of connection to heart centre, dwelling too much in the mind and thoughts, self worth issues.

Dermatitis – Feeling unworthy, feeling angry or sad but not expressing it, things may be changing in your life and you don’t feel on top of the changes, not comfortable in your own skin, maybe related to lung issues, can be diet or environment related.

 Diabetes – Not enough sweetness in your life, feeling like you haven’t got enough, not wanting to participate fully in your life, feeling unfulfilled, afraid of success and avoiding this.

 Diarrhoea – can be stress related, letting go of stuff you don’t need, letting go of goals that you think you can’t achieve, cleaning away the old.

 Digestive problems – Difficulty in nurturing yourself or allowing others to nurture you, may be related to diet – sensitivities or too much cold food, can be caused by overthinking and ruminating about issues, holding onto fears and past abuses.

 Diverticulitis – Holding onto fear and stress and not being able to let go and enjoy life, not being in contact with your own feelings, holding onto feelings of not having enough.

 Dizziness – lack of balance in your life, lack of balance between ego and spirit, letting ego have too much control, if severe can be your way of avoiding having to do something, can signify going round in circles and avoiding making a decision.


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