Meaning of symptoms – C


Cancer – This is such a broad topic I can’t really do it justice here. A cancer diagnosis is a time to take stock of your life and take a good look at what your priorities are. It is likely that you have been giving too much of yourself in some area of your life and that you now need to pay attention to your own needs and take time to reassess your whole life. Pay attention to where the cancer is and this may help you find a greater meaning. Some cancer can be linked to a traumatic event or past abuse or trauma that has not yet been healed. While some may think that cancer is about the body destroying itself it is really just a dramatic way the body has of getting us to pay attention to what is going on in our lives and bringing us back to the important areas that we need to focus on. Cancer tends to lead to paradigm shifts in the way we think and act that can lead to a different way of being in the world. Cancer is about being stuck in an old way of life that no longer serves your spiritual growth.


Candida – Doubting yourself or important people in your life, frustration and resentment against yourself or others, especially towards partners. Can also be diet related if eating too much sugary food because there isn’t enough sweetness in your life.


Cardiac problems – A lack of connection to your purpose. A lack of connection to your feelings and emotional life. A lack of connection to loved ones such that you don’t feel or express love. Can be related to not loving yourself and not paying attention to your own needs. In Chinese medicine the heart is the emperor of the body and houses our spirit. The heart is related to the emotion of joy so heart issues can be related to too little joy in our life or to overstimulation, which is common in the western world. Serious heart problems force a person to take stock of their life and pay serious attention to their health.


Carpal tunnel syndrome – The arms and hands are about what you are doing in your life. The left is about the spiritual dimensions and the right about the physical dimensions. What are you doing that is causing you pain? Or if you have numbness what are you trying not to feel about what you are doing?


Cataracts – An inability to see a future, not liking something you are seeing, anxiety about the future, a lack of sharing of knowledge or wisdom.


Cellulitis – Letting small things become big things, letting other peoples actions get to you and not standing your ground.


Chicken pox – Related to feelings of being unappreciated, unnoticed or unworthy. May need time out from a life that is too busy.


Chilblains – If they are on fingers they are about things that you are doing or not doing, if on toes they are about your direction. Feeling unworthy in what you are doing or the direction you are going in.


Chlamydia – You may be feeling that you have been taken advantage of or you may have been worrying that something is wrong with you. Sometimes it is related to discomfit with sexuality or having poor personal boundaries in relationships.


Cholesterol – high – Lack of joy and laughter. Wanting more than you need. Holding onto physical possessions and being overly materialistic.


Chronic fatigue – Overwork and exhaustion, inability to say no to people’s demands, low self esteem, not feeling as though what you do is important or meaningful, giving up on finding your soul’s purpose. Chronic fatigue is one way the body has of giving up on the life you have been living; it urges people to pay much better attention to their own needs and start putting themselves first. It asks you to reevaluate your life and how you have been living.


Chronic illness – Is similar to chronic fatigue in that chronic illness always demands that the person begin to take better care of themselves and put themselves first; something they may not have been able to do before. Pay attention to the symptoms and the feelings. You may be full of self pity and blaming external forces for your illness; it may be difficult to engage in life. You may need to reevaluate many parts of your previous life.


Circulation problems – Lack of joy, lack of vitality and enthusiasm for life, lack of love, lack of movement.


Cirrhosis – Anger, resentment and frustration. Rigidity, not going with the flow and not being open to growth opportunities. Being tied down by rules and responsibilities and not being able to flourish.


Coeliac disease – Problems in standing up for yourself and being overly sensitive to criticism. Low self esteem which may be due to feeling rejected. Try to focus on the positives in your life.


Colds – Doing too much, not looking after yourself, not listening to what you need. Trying to push on with a too busy life and needing time out.


Cold sores – Difficulty saying what you need to say for fear of not being liked. Feeling angry or resentful about your responsibilities and not feeling you can speak up.


Colic – Sensitivity to stress in others, difficulty adjusting to environment, needing attention and loving kindness.


Conjunctivitis – Irritation at something you are seeing, irritated by looking at things in a negative way.


Constipation – Unable to say what you want to say, holding onto old ways of thinking and doing, unable to see other people’s points of view and holding onto a need to be right. Holding onto emotional stuff and not being able to let it go or process it.


Cough – Emotions are coming up that you would rather not be having so you suppress them. You would like to have more control of your life but instead you feel controlled by someone else. There is a feeling of powerlessness.


Cramps – Difficulty in knowing how to relax and let go. Taking life seriously and not taking time to have fun. Can be feeling overwhelmed and guilty about not achieving certain goals and may need to make changes in order to have a break. Look after yourself more and stop being so rigid in your thinking about your responsibilities.


Cystitis – Feeling pissed off and not being able to express this and other feelings. Difficulty in expressing your needs and being able to stand up for yourself. Pressure to be having sex when you don’t want to.


Cysts – Feeling stuck and holding onto past disappointments or failures. Not letting go of the past in some way. Can be related to past trauma or abuse. Can also be related to not following your dreams.


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