Meaning of symptoms – B

Back problems – This is a very complex area because the back is a large area. Basically the spine is for supporting yourself so when you feel a lack of support or insecure you may get back problems. Lower back problems can signify financial problems or feeling unsupported in terms of having a secure home life. Not standing up for yourself can also give you back pain. Not trusting that you will be looked after (by the universe/god/source energy).

Bad breath – Too much anxiety about what to do rather than just doing what you need.

Balance – loss of – Going around in circles and not having good direction. Feeling unstable about life. Feeling pulled in different directions.

Baldness – Fear of the future

Bedwetting – Loss of control. Not knowing how to get what you want

Bites (insects)- Not feeling worthy of respect and lacking in self worth. There is a need to love yourself more and stand up for yourself.

Black outs – Overwhelmed by life. Trying to find a way out. Not wanting to face up to life.

Bladder issues – Being pissed off, especially with figure of authority. Resentment and irritation with someone, or something, that is out of your control. Disappointment with others.

Bleeding – Focusing on the negative and losing life energy or losing hope that things will improve. May involve some beliefs about not being worthy and needing to struggle to achieve your goals.

Blindness – Not wanting to see what is going on around you. Ignoring what you need to see. Being born blind is different issue – about a different life journey.

Blisters – Not listening to your body on a physical level. Going past your limits. Self punishment.

Bloating – Holding onto emotions especially anger and fear. Not holding your boundaries with others and becoming a victim, feeling helpless.

Blood pressure – high – Holding onto anger and fear. Trying to stay in control of situations. People pleasing. Having too much pressure in your life, too many competing demands.

Blood pressure – low – Lack of self love, wanting to give up, becoming a victim. Expecting other people to take control and feeling powerless. Sometimes is due to lack of purpose and passion in life.

Boil – Your trust has been betrayed in some way and anger about this has been bottled up and is erupting out.

Bone problems – Feeling resentful about situation or towards person or towards self. If broken bone this can be due to being pushed to breaking point by situation or person; or pushing yourself to the limit. Will give person time to rest and reflect and hopefully change. If bone cancer then resentment is big issue and you have difficulty finding a way to change and regain solid foundation.

Breast cancer – Can be related to nurturing everyone else at the expense of yourself. Taking on other people’s problems and not looking after yourself. Lack of self love. Lack of trust in your ability to look after yourself.

Bronchitis – Feeling like you are not in charge of something or not in charge of your life. Not feeling appreciated or loved for yourself. May be related to overwork and not feeling appreciated for this.

Bruising – Punishing yourself for being emotional about a situation and not expressing this emotion. Not setting boundaries with other people.

Bulimia – This is very complex but involves using food to avoid facing problems. Issues usually within family where you may have trouble receiving love – either because family doesn’t show love or you are full of self-criticism and don’t accept love. Then after eating feelings of guilt surface and vomiting is aimed at relieving this guilt. Problems with self worth and accepting yourself; trying to please others rather than being true to yourself.

Bunion – This is about a wrong direction in life. Left foot usually signifies spiritual direction and right foot physical direction. Inflexibility about change. It is about an inability to change and grow and a lack of belief in your own creativity.


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