Meaning of symptoms – A

Abscesses – Suppression of anger rage and resentment. Replaying of old hurts and pain. Holding onto old emotions. Stagnation.

Accidents – Lack of purpose. Difficulty making a decision. The accident makes you think about your direction and purpose.

Acne – Afraid to move forward, living in the past. Feelings of insecurities, rejection, not being good enough, poor self esteem.

Addictions – Lack of connection with your inner self and source. Looking for answers outside of your self. Unable to take responsibility for your own path and your own happiness. Looking for something to fill the void inside that can only be filled by connection to source energy. Lack of direction in your life, unsure of life’s purpose. Too much thinking.

Allergies – Generally sensitive. Someone or something may be aggravating you. Or you could be aggravating yourself in some way. You may be having trouble with setting boundaries.

Alopecia – Disempowered in some way. Not believing in your own power. Relying upon others too much.

Alzheimer’s – see dementia

Anaemia – Loss of interest in life. Lack of joy. Lack of self love,

Angina – Difficulty in expressing love and other emotions. Living with your heart closed.

Anxiety – Not trusting the process of life. Difficulty going with the flow and allowing life to happen. Wanting to control everything. Not being in the present but living in the past or future too much. Overthinking. Not trusting in yourself and your ability to handle anything that happens.

Apnoea – see Sleep apnoea

Arm problems – Arms are about what you are doing for yourself. Left arm signifies your spiritual doing and right arm signifies your physical doing.

Arrhythmia – Your heart is not open. You are blocking yourself off from your emotions.

Arthritis – Holding onto the past. Looking after others instead of yourself. The full meaning depends upon the joints affected. See also osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Asthma – Not being yourself. Doing things because society or family says you should. Ignoring yourself and not standing up for yourself. Lack of personal power.

Athlete’s foot – The direction you are taking is blocked by small things and little frustrations

Autoimmune disease – Feeling like you are under attack usually from other people but sometimes from your own thinking and expectations that are often unreasonable. Turning anger and frustration back on yourself and not expressing it. Avoiding conflict of some kind because it’s easier to keep the peace. Difficulty saying no to others and putting their needs ahead of your own.


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